Bino Alves


Bino Alves (b. 1972, Coimbra, Portugal) was raised in Newark, NJ. He lives and works in New York City. 

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My work explores subjects such as sex work, androgyny, the contamination of the body, drug addiction, fetish and perv culture and their relationship to the Divine and eroticism, with elements of the fashion industry and window display.  

The early work speaks to the first year after seroconversion and the struggle of working through various experiences and conditions, like suicide, depression, alienation, and the systemic challenges that I faced when I was homeless. Some of this work was created while I lived in a shelter and its aesthetic is created by the limitations of the space itself, and I made-do with what I could. The artwork stems out of my own descent and ascent from the worlds I experienced as a go-go-boy, an escort, and a porn actor dealing with the inability to connect. I explore the need to connect with others through metaphors, using objects such as puzzle pieces, fabric swatches, sewing notions, embellishments, play money and repeating patterns, including chain-loops and crosses.


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