September 27–October 20, 2018
Price: Free

Inside, Out Here: Devin Morris & Frederick Weston

La Mama Galleria
47 Great Jones Street
New York, NY, 10003
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La MaMa Galleria opens its 57th season with Inside, Out Here, an exhibition featuring the work of Devin N. Morris (b. 1986) and Frederick Weston (b. 1946), curated by Eric Booker. Artists of different generations, they employ a range of mediums that include collage, photography, installation, and writing, often utilizing quotidian material and spaces to create works of art that explore personal and collective experiences of racial and sexual identity. The title of the exhibition takes its name from a work by Morris and refers to the artists’ shared sense of conceptual interiority and lived domesticity, while speaking to their presence in, and formation of community. While Morris’s practice radically reimagines spaces, Weston’s is a rumination on the formation of self. Shown together, their works prompt an inter-generational dialogue around queer and alternative histories.

Born in Memphis, TN, and raised in Detroit, MI, Frederick Weston lives and works in New York City. A self-taught artist who studied fashion, he works within drawing, collage, and photography. Using his own highly specific systems of organization and categorization, Weston meticulously cuts, collects, and files photographic clippings to form an elaborate archive of materials relatedto fashion, the male body, queer subjects, and mass media. Weston’s unique system of organization collages a variety of racial, gendered, and age identities to create mood boards and portraits that reflect the life of a black queer man living in America and larger social norms. His photographs examine the construction of male identity, style, and desire, while other works speak to both personal and collective notions of masculinity and the experience of living with HIV.

Through his mixed-media paintings, photographs, writings, and videos, Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based artist Devin N. Morris collapses personal experience, memory, and space to delicately envision new realms. The artist considers his upbringing in Baltimore and navigation of the world as a black queer man in his semi-fictive depictions of characters engaged in acts of kindness and care. Through collage and installation, Morris explores domestic spaces that place the viewer inside abstracted rooms that subvert traditional values and social boundaries. Building sets out of household materials, furniture, and fabrics, Morris creates liminal spaces for members of his community to exist within. Through this work and his annual publication, 3 Dot Zine, Morris reconsiders the physical and social boundaries of marginalized communities, radically reimagining queer existence.

Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday 1 to 7PM, or by appointment