February 14–February 27, 2018
Price: Free
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While working on a journalistic reportage in India in January 2014, Philipp Spiegel was diagnosed with HIV. Being heterosexual and not inclined to drugs, this life-altering news came as quite a surprise – he never thought himself of being at risk. HIV was always far away.

Five years after his infection he now documents the challenges he has been confronted with in his first solo exhibition going viral, presenting the worries of societal stigmatization and a confrontation with perceptions of his own reality. Touching, yet un-romanticized and blunt, this conflict is presented in going viral.

Philipp Spiegel's altered perception of intimacy, love, sex and social implications of an HIV-Infection is the origin and the motivation behind the exhibition.

We, Th, Fr.: 5pm – 7pm | Sa & So: 2pm – 6pm