Chloe Dzubilo & T De Long


Chloe Dzubilo and T De Long create the 2011 Print+ Tote Bag for Visual AIDS, which take it's inspiration from the chorus of their song No Glove/No Love:

"Can I have your
bout what we never
Clarify our intention
     HIV Prevention"


Chloe Dzubilo (1960-2011) was an artist, trans-activist, playwright, performer, singer/songwriter, equestrian, long-time survivor, and endless talent. Chloe advocated tirelessly for civil rights, adequate health care, and dignity for people living with HIV/AIDS, transgendered people, and drug users. She lived her singular vision of equality for all with fierce kindness, humor, and reverence. Chloe's visual art has been shown internationally and in several New York galleries, including Participant, Inc., and Umbrella Arts, where she co-curated the exhibition Transeuphoria, and will be included in the June 2011 Visual AIDS exhibition Mixed Messages at La MaMa La Galleria. Chloe Dzubilo -- a beloved friend, visionary, and legendary activist -- died on February 18, 2011 in New York City.

T De Long is a singer/songwriter, rapper, audio provocateur, visual /performance artist, trans-man and surviving spouse of Chloe Dzubilo. De Long, aka TJ Free, has performed and exhibited in museums, galleries, and festivals throughout the world. De Long has also curated music and performance-art programs and founded the "Warm-Up Series" at MoMA PS1. De Long has produced and collaborated on several albums of Intelligent Dance Music, both solo and as part of the legendary Bedroom Productions. De Long's brutally honest lyrics can be heard in such songs as "Business," "Living Among," "Socialism New York City," "Money Star Hustle," "Communist Diet," and "No Glove/No Love" (with spouse Chloe Dzubilo and Snax.)