Visual AIDS observed Day With(out) Art / World AIDS Day, with simultaneous, free screenings of Untitled, a film by Jim Hodges, Encke King, and Carlos Marques da Cruz.

Untitled screened at over 55 major museums, arts organizations, community groups and colleges throughout New York City and across the United States.

Untitled (2010, DVD, 60 minutes, Color, Stereo) Beginning with a reflection on the early AIDS epidemic, Untitled eschews a linear narrative to introduce a fractious timeline, moving from the sublime to the tragic and back again. By juxtaposing mainstream network news, activist footage, artists' work, and popular entertainment from the last turbulent decades, Untitled references regimes of power that precipitated a generation of AIDS and queer activism and continues today with international struggle and expression. In Hodges's words, "In this way, the framing of the artist can become a way to project any number of people, endlessly."Untitled can therefore be considered to be as much about González-Torres and the AIDS crisis as it can be seen as grappling with the continuum of global dehumanization.

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You can download information about the film and a helpful resource guide to thinking about AIDS, art, media and representation.