DUETS: Dean Daderko & Elaine Reichek In Conversation on Nicolas A. Moufarrege


DUETS: Dean Daderko & Elaine Reichek In Conversation on Nicolas A. Moufarrege

Dean Daderko speaks with Elaine Reichek about the art, life and legacy of Nicolas Moufarrege.

Nicolas Moufarrege (1947–1985) was an artist, art critic and curator who died of AIDS related complications at the age of thirty-six. During his lifetime, he was best known for being a critical champion of the East Village art scene. He was born in Egypt and lived in Beirut and Paris before moving to New York City in 1981. New York Times art critic Roberta Smith noted that Moufarrege "molded a complex mixture of cultures into a distinct sensibility - his idiosyncratic embroidered works confirms that he deserves to be remembered for his art."

Dean Daderko is curator at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston who curated Nicolas Moufarrege's art into his 2008 Visual AIDS exhibition "Side X Side."

Elaine Reichek is a fiber-based artist based in New York City who was close friends with Nicolas Moufarrege during his lifetime.

Foreword by LJ Roberts. Afterword by Sur Rodney (Sur).

Featuring artwork by Nicolas Moufarrege.


DUETS is a series of publications that pairs artists, activists, writers, and thinkers in dialogues about their creative practices and current social issues around HIV/AIDS. These engaging and highly readable conversations highlight the connections between communities of artists and activists. Drawing from the Visual AIDS Artist Registry and Archive Project, this series continues Visual AIDS’ mission to support, promote, and honor the work of artists with HIV/AIDS and the artistic contributions of the AIDS movement.


DUETS: Dean Daderko & Elaine Reichek In Conversation on Nicolas Moufarrege

72 pp, 29 color images, perfect bound

Softcover, 7.5” x 5.5”

Published by Visual AIDS, September 2016

DUETS Series Editor: Nelson Santos, Visual AIDS

Managing Editors: Barbara Schroder and Karen Kelly of Dancing Foxes Press and Alex Fialho, Visual AIDS

Book Design: Tiffany Malakooti

Printer: die Keure, Brugge, Belgium

ISBN 978-0-9678425-0-9