The Artist+ Registry & Archive Project

The Artist+ Registry and Archive Project is the largest database and registry of works by visual artists with HIV and AIDS.

The Archive Project was founded in 1994 as a slide and research library to preserve the work of artists with HIV and AIDS. The online Artist+ Registry was launched in November 2012 and features digitized versions of many of the original slides held in the Archive Project as well as new work added directly by Artist Members. The online database offers a greater forum for artists living with HIV to expose their work to a worldwide audience, while preserving a legacy for artists lost to AIDS.

The registry is a public resource to educate and inspires contemporary art exhibitions, public programs, publications, and research by curators, art historians, activists, and students.

See below for more history about The Archive Project and the Visual AIDS Artist Registry.

Membership is free and open to all visual artists living with HIV and AIDS and the estates of artists who have died from AIDS. To join the Artist+ Registry click here.