Chloe Hayward

Chloe Hayward is an art therapist, artist and educator living and working in New York City. She believes in the power of art to heal and has written articles on the subject for Studio Magazine, Pratt Institute and Artsy Magazine. She is currently working with other art therapists from around the country on a book project, titled Museum-Based Art Therapy: A Collaborative Effort with Access, Education, and Public Programs. Her chapter focuses on identity and the role it plays in the healing of self and community. Most recently she has participated in the annual Love Positive Women Valentine Exhibition and co-facilitated the legendary Women’s Empowerment Workshop with Visual AIDS.

As Manager of Education Programs at The Studio Museum in Harlem, she is working to develop a more robust focus on the intersection between art, education and mental health. Her clinical practice has also included work with The Children’s Museum of the Arts and Village Care Adult Day Treatment Program. Her work uses the power of the creative arts process to heal, bring awareness and promote social change, equity, and inclusion. She loves dancing, dogs, ramen noodles, and art.