Ezra and Noah Benus The Army of the Sick

Ezra and Noah Benus

Ezra and Noah Benus, are artists who founded Brothers Sick, a sibling artistic collaboration on disability justice, illness, and care.

Ezra Benus is an artist, educator, and curator, who addresses a range of themes in his art such as time, care, pain, and illness/health through tapping into his background and experience in Jewish Studies, art history, and embodiment of disability. Benus engages the Self as a site where social, political, and spiritual forces collide through tapping into bodily knowledge and social constructions around values of normativity. IG:@ezrabenus www.ezrabenus.com

Noah Benus is a New York City based photographer interested in exploring activism through social, educational and political works. As a disabled artist, he ventures to reveal often overlooked moments through modes of portraiture, photojournalism, and studio works. Noah’s photographic works use alternative processes, and analog and digital formats to educate and advocate for access. IG: @nonibenus

Artwork credit: Brothers Sick.

Image description: The whole image is in variants of greyscale, reminiscent of x-ray or other scans, bisecting the frame there are two images of the same back of a hand, posed with most of the fingers curled inwards, with the pointer finger fully raised. Overlaid on the image is text that reads An Army Of The Sick Can’t Be Defeated.