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Pratt MFA

The 2021 Visual AIDS Web Gallery has been organized by Professor Steven Sergiovanni’s Artist as Curator class, made up of a collaboration of both MFA and BFA students from Pratt Institute. The group of 12 artist-curators met virtually from China, Korea, and the United States to consider curating from a “maker’s” point of view. They explored how to present a remote exhibition in a way that was both innovative and fair to the art. Each artist-curator brought knowledge and experience from their individual practices of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, video, collage, sculpture, and installation that informed their consideration and selection of artists from the Visual AIDS Artist Registry. BFA/MFA curators are: Isabelle Sun Lee, Abby Zhang, Lanthanum Zhu, Jane Lang, Motong Li, Jaybe Lee, Elli Butto, Marie Moeller Joergensen, Yahan Qiu, Xitong Ding, Khaska Dottin, and Gabbi Agee.