Pratt MFA

Artistic Convergence has been organized by MFA candidates from Pratt Institute. These seven artists, collaborating together through Professor Steven Sergiovanni’s Artist as Curator graduate course, explore curation from a maker’s perspective. The group considers the challenges of presenting an exhibition through a digital platform in 2020 and is informed by their individual disciplines in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and integrated practices. These artist-curators from New York, Panama, and China, have joined efforts to propose a considerate selection of artists who have also been identified by their own curatorial practice and are part of the Visual AIDS Registry.

Curators are: Jack Byers, Painting 2022; Aria Han, Integrated Practices 2022; Lizzy Li, Sculpture 2021; Monifa Mayo, Painting 2021; Jan Rattia, Photography 2021; Madeleine Riande, Painting 2022; and Nizza Rodriguez, Integrated Practices 2021.