Scears Lee


Scears Lee is based in New York. Born 1989, he works as a performance artist. In New York he has had the pleasure of performing with and receiving support from Leslie- Lohman, Gibney Dance Center, Marina Abramovic, Glasshouse ArtLifeLab, Panoply Performance Lab and Chinatown Soup. His work has been featured in Huffington Post, Brooklyn Magazine, TimeOut New York and New York Magazine (Bedford + Bowery).


“I aim to vanish into my performances. I create time based gestures that examine identity and intimacy in day to day life. I am a solo artist but employ other bodies to complete images. My works are purposely and deceptively simple, exploring oppositions such as the internet vs irl, private/public and fantasy vs reality. I make live sculptures, interactive installations and documentation through photo and video to contemplate my audience’s relationship with vulnerability. My performances are low-tech and meditative -using the body as material, with minimal objects and textiles. Like a visual diary, my interdisciplinary projects speak in first person, documenting my identity.”