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Sean Paul Gallegos


Born in 1976 in North America while on the thoroughbred horse race circuit with his older brother, New Mexican father and Canadian mother. Both lineages are colonial in nature being mixed european and native/first nations origin to different extents but not practicing. Adopted and relocated to Metro Detroit, Gallegos spent his tweens and teens in another life style and existence. He attended Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan on a full ride scholarship for musical theater and costume craft. He left college his junior year when his brother and adoptive father both committed suicide. Resulting in a move to New York City in his early 20’s he worked in costume and fashion while building an art career of 17 years.

Specifically the Bronx was where he called home in New York City giving him the opportunity to grow within a tiny art community. His work has been published in the New York Times, Artforum.com Critic Picks and the latest interview with the American Federation of Arts exhibition, Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture’s blog. Sean Paul’s exhibition highlights include Aqua Art Fair Miami, AIM 33: Artist in the Marketplace at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and La Bienal at El Museo del Barrio in Harlem, NYC. His work was recently acquired by the Albuquerque Museum for their permanent collection and exhibition "American Jewelry of New Mexico" that ran June-October of 2018. He received 3rd Place Best of Show from the Amarillo Art Museum for their Biennial 600: Textile + Fiber that ran October-December of 2019. Gallegos is now in his 10th non-consecutive year of residing in Albuquerque, NM.


Sanctifying the discarded through transformation is how I verbalize my practice. I deconstruct discarded sneakers (from the trash) and transform them via hand sewing and embroidering. They become idolized or worshiped objects often symbolizing an alternative perspective on materialism, consumerism, capitalism and sociopolitical issues. These sculptures are fine art in nature, contemporary in craft and fibers in medium.

Hand sewn and embroidered sculpture from discarded sneakers will remain the focus of my artistic practice. After twenty years of sneaker sculpture the response to the evolution is by adding a woven component. Through this exploration, tablet, inkle and tapestry weaving have become the methods of choice. Creating new works as I acquire skills and discovering unfamiliar bodies of work along the way. Not only is the evolution of the sneaker sculpture important but connecting to my New Mexican paternal lineage of weavers through this practice. The cross cultural connections of ancient weaving mirrors our present day connections with sneakers. They both exist/ed in every culture across the globe.


Solo Exhibitions
2012 Stations of the Lost, Longwood Art Gallery Project Room, Bronx, NY

2014 A.I.R. in the Desert, Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
2014 Savoy Hotel Artist Space, Trinidad, CO
2014 LMCC Building 110, Process Space Residency, Governors Island, NY
2013 A.I.R.- Artist in Residence, 4heads @ G.I.A.F., Governors Island, NY
2012 A.I.R.- Artist in Residence, 4heads @ G.I.A.F., Governors Island, NY

Selected Exhibitions
2014 Razors Edge, Bronx Latin American Art Bienal, Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY
2014 BXADP Bronx Artist Documentary Project, Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx NY
2014 Transformations, Tortuga Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
2014 Bronx Pop Up Festival-Mass Mosiac, Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx, NY
2014 The Time Has Come, Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
2014 Faberge's Big Egg Hunt, Manhattan, NY
2014 Know Who You Are At Every Age, Bronx River Arts Center, Bronx, NY
2014 Postcards from the Edge: Visual AIDS, Luhring Augustine, Manhattan, NY
2013 Dia de los Muertos, House of Spoof-Brick House Gallery, Bronx, NY
2013 Divine Intersection, Kenneth Chapman Gallery, New Rochelle, NY
2013 Endurance of Ritual, Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY
2013 Governors Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NY
2013 Goddess Clap Back:Hip Hop Feminism in Art, CUE Art Foundation, Manhattan, NY
2013 Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial, The Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY
2013 La Bienal "Here is Where We Jump", El Museo Del Barrio, Manhattan, NY
2013 Armory Arts Week-Bronx Day, Bronx NY
2013 Bronx Soles, BronxArtSpace, Bronx NY
2013 Postcards From the Edge:Visual AIDS, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., Manhattan, NY
2012 Media Loft Plus, New Rochelle, NY
2012 A.I.O.P.-Art In Odd Places Festival, 14th Street - Union Square, Manhattan, NY
2012 Core 77 Open 5 Designers x 5 Boroughs, Manhattan, NY
2012 Show #2, the Parlour:Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
2012 REMADE, BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY
2012 Armory Arts Week-Bronx Day, Bronx, NY
2011 Governors Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NY
2011 Hopes and Heroes, Dash Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2011 From the Bronx Pop-Up, Bronx Documentary Center, Bronx, NY
2011 Postcards From the Edge:Visual AIDS, CRG Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2010 Governors Island Art Fair, Governors Island, NY
2010 Impractical Hats, Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
2010 Postcards From the Edge:Visual Aids, ZeiherSmith, NYC
2009 Migration, Aviary Arts Collective Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
2009 Richer or Poorer, South Bronx Open Studio Tour, Bronx, NY
2008 Dara Friedman: Musical, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Manhattan, NY
2008 Political Art Show, Verb Collective Gallery, Albuquerque, NM
2008 Material Culture, Longwood Art Gallery, Bronx, NY
2007 Postcard From the Edge:Visual Aids, James Cohen Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2006 Zito Studio Gallery:Closing Show, Zito Studio Gallery, NYC
2006 Postcards From the Edge:Visual AIDS, Sikkema Jenkins & Co., Manhattan, NY
2005 Barriolesque, Haven Arts, Bronx, NY
2004 Looking at You Looking at Me, Storage Art Space, Bronx, NY

Selected Collaborations
2013 Mnemosyne Atlas Book Launch-Freya Powell, ICI Curatorial Hub, NYC
2010 South Bronx Open Studio Tour- Fire Performance
2010 "This Fable was Intended for You", M.K. Gluth- Performer
2008 Agni Mirage Fire Troupe- Costume Design/Fire Performance
2008-07 Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz- Costume Design/Construction
2007 Shaun El C. Leonardo- Costume Design/Construction
2006-05 Pedro Jimenez- Costume Design/Construction
2006 Cilla Vee Movement Project- Costume Design/Construction
2000 Public Theatre, NYC- Stitcher/Finisher
1999 The Julliard School, NYC- Stitcher/Finisher

2014 Visual AIDS Artist Grant
2014 BRIO: Bronx Recognizes It's Own Artist Grant, Bronx Council on the Arts
2013 Change Inc. Grant, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
2013 Sol Shaviro Grant, Bronx Museum of the Arts
2013 Visual AIDS Artist Grant
2012 BRIO: Bronx Recognizes It's Own Artist Grant, Bronx Council on the Arts
2010 Visual AIDS Artist Grant
1994-1997 Mary Bonnell Full Theatre Scholarship-Specializing in Costume, Oakland University
1996-97 Gittlien Theatre Achievement Grant, Oakland University

2013 AIM-Artist in the Marketplace Program, Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY
2010 Bronx Council on the Arts, Art Handler Certification Program, Bronx, NY
1994-97 Musical Theatre, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI