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Syd Baloue

Sydney Baloue (@SydneyBaloue) is a storyteller, performer and archivist who uses multiple mediums, written word, film, and audio to share histories and herstories to connect people across continents, cultures and time. An Ivy League graduate with roots in Trinidad and Tobago and Chicago, IL, Sydney’s current work centers on creating an extensive oral histories archive of New York City’s Ballroom Community. Sydney writes about ballroom for mainstream news outlets like Vice and the New York Times and he is currently working on a book based on his oral histories research that chronicles the history and evolution of the Ballroom Scene in New York City. Sydney is an active member and participant in the Ballroom Community. He began voguing whilst on a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fellowship in Berlin, Germany. As a member of the Ballroom Scene in Europe, Sydney joined a house and got deeper into the scene in Paris, London and Amsterdam before moving to New York. Sydney made history as the first transgender man to win a performance category at 2019 The Latex Ball as he vogues “old way” performance, the original way of voguing.