X senn yuen

x senn yuen

x (@x__senn_yuen) is an Afro | East Asian-Jamaican, second-generation immigrant. As a QT transplant from Miami, FL, x has reconciled their training in dance, theatre, and art history education to apply critical theory to their life and artistic practice. As a curator, x is concerned about diversity and the empowerment of artist-humans of marginalized and historically oppressed identities. They aim to serve, heal, and empower those who do not have the resources to easily share their work with the public. One of baby’s past curated exhibitions, “who is me?”, focused on the intersectionality of multiply-marginalized identities within and among the exhibited artists. x will make our NYC curatorial debut as a guest-curator with the Stigma Unbound collective for “delicate wash cycle”, this December.

[x uses they/ze/we pronouns and their name is intentionally in lower-case]