"Growing up online, though, where nude pictures are ubiquitous and operate more as currency for sex or as avatars of the real thing, I’ve begun to wonder what else a body can do. What can a photograph do besides represent a beautiful body?

In curating this gallery, I was drawn towards work that investigates the aesthetic, sexual, and social potential of the body rather than simply deploying embodiments of beauty or desire. Jimmy DeSana, Steven Arnold, Ray Cook, and Rotimi Fani-Kayode embrace the body as a sculptural material, disfiguring their models while acknowledging the mutability that enables their sexuality. Fredrick Weston, David Wojnarowicz, and Michael Boroskey adorn bodies with symbols and signifiers: a black body contends with chains and a hood of the Klan, Arthur Rimbaud’s troubled youth is resurrected on the subway, and Boroskey playfully considers himself as St. Sebastian.

The body’s potential for illness, of course, resonates throughout the Artist Registry." - Kyle Croft

Check out March's web gallery Almost Beautiful Enough, curated by Kyle Croft and including works by Patrick Angus, Jimmy De Sana, Steven Arnold, Ray Cook, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Camila Rocha, Danny Coeyman, Frederick Weston, Michael Boroskey, David Wojnarowicz, Dirk H. Wilms, Jürgen Baldiga, Edward Cervantes, Jerome Caja, Hugh Steers, John Lathram III, brian carpenter, Loreen Bryant.

Patrick Angus

Jimmy De Sana

Steven Arnold

Ray Cook

Rotimi Fani-Kayode

Camila Rocha

Danny Coeyman

Frederick Weston

Michael Boroskey

David Wojnarowicz

Dirk H. Wilms

Jürgen Baldiga

Edward Cervantes

Jerome Caja

Hugh Steers


Brian Carpenter

Loreen Bryant