Michael Berube

Visual AIDS Artists Members and Friends are encouraged to look into the following opportunities:

Smack Dab Open Mic

7:30 to 9pm, Wednesday, January 16th
, 4122 18th Street, San Francisco
Hosted by Larry Bob and Kirk Read

From their facebook page:
If you'd like to perform at the open mic, please come beginning at 7:30pm and bring five minutes of whatever you want to share:

Musicians: one song,
Prose writers: that's about two and a half double spaced pages of prose.

We’re the friendliest open mic you’ll find but we pay attention to time so that nobody accumulates further open mic-related PTSD.
Presented by Army of Lovers, a project of the Queer Cultural Center with support from the San Francisco Arts Commission, Zellerbach Family Foundation, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Horizons Foundation, TheatreBayArea and the California Arts Council

1). All of the Above
art exhibition, Fall 2013 at Church of St. Paul the Apostle in NYC

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Openings invites artists to submit proposals to participate in 1). All of the Above, a group art exhibition taking place in Fall 2013 at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in NYC.With this year's theme, 1). All of the Above, Openings is asking you to tell us what you're passionate about, what you're thinking about, what you're interested in. We're curious to know how you would begin this conversation. We're curious about the questions you would ask. We're curious about your answers. We believe your response can address the question; "Where is the unity in all of our diversity?"

Openings is a collective of visual artists whose mission is to explore the connections between creativity and transcendence (www.openingsny.com). Each year the group presents an exhibition addressing a particular theme. For more information email: [email protected]