OVERVIEW: AIDS Services Foundation Orange County (“ASF”) encourages artists working in 2-D genres, new genres, video, documentation, experimental media, graphic design, and animation to apply to a digital mural projection Request for Proposal.

BACKGROUND & MESSAGING: ASF has embarked upon a three-year communications plan consisting primarily of public art. The works created throughout this project will convey “HIV/AIDS is not yet cured” (“the message”) and bring attention to the on-going struggle against HIV/AIDS in Orange County as well as ASF’s position as a leader in HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and care in the community.
Please note that submittals should be new works created in response to this RFP. Use of past art work as your intended digital projection may not be accepted.
A total of ten murals (the “finalists”), either still or animation, will be selected for inclusion in at least one mural projection exhibition (murals will be digitally projected onto walls rather than painted or attached directly onto them) in Orange County, CA. Through either formal adjudication or by popular vote, up to five of the finalist murals will be selected (the “winners”) to receive a cash prize of $2,000 (“the stipend”). The stipend will be awarded to the winners only.

Once the work has been selected as a finalist based on artist’s submission materials, the artist may not render any changes to the artwork without prior, written approval from a designated ASF representative. If the final, delivered mural is deemed to contain significant, unapproved alterations to the submittal artwork, the work can be disqualified and any artist stipend may be forfeit.
The final exhibition date(s) and location(s) are still to be determined.

Applications are due by 5:00pm, Friday, June 5, 2015. Finalists will be required to complete and deliver the high-resolution JPEGs of their mural(s), suitable for digital projection, by 5:00pm, Friday, July 10, 2015.

For further information, please visit the ASF Request For Proposal's website here.

ASF currently cares for 1,300 men, women, and children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in Orange County, CA. On average, five persons per week are infected with HIV in their community. Over 50% of new infections occur in people aged thirty-five years and younger. A more complete picture of HIV/AIDS in Orange County can be found at www.ocasf.org/statistics.html.
ELIGIBILITY: This call is open to emerging and established visual artists, college-aged or older, who are legally authorized to work in the United States (per U.S. Department of Labor).
Prior public art experience is not a requirement.


Evaluation and selection will be based on the following criteria: Form (as evidenced by submitted proposal and design images)
-Originality of concept/design
-Quality of composition and skill with which the artist utilizes stylistic elements
-Mastery of techniques and materials


-How well the proposed mural conveys the message
-Education and training as an artist
-Exhibition record in galleries and/or non-profit art spaces
-Public or private art commissions
-Awards, critical response and/or other activities demonstrating professional practice

A Selection Committee comprised of leaders in the Orange County arts community, visual arts educators, visual artists, HIV specialists, and marketing and public relations professionals will review the ten finalist submissions, as selected by the judges, for Function (clarity and presentation of the message).
Up to four murals will be chosen by the Selection Committee as the adjudicated winners. Those winners will be announced at the projection exhibition. One mural will also be chosen from among the finalists as the Popular Choice winner by those in attendance at the festival. It is possible for an artist’s mural to be an adjudicated winner as well as the Popular Choice winner. In that case, the corresponding artist will receive two $2,000 stipends. Artists need not be present to win or claim the stipend(s).