Torres and Sachs write, "We are struck by these pictures both for the sweetness of their imagery, and the story they begin to tell -- of Nelson Edwin Rodriguez, born in Puerto Rico in 1974, grew up in the Bronx, and died in 1996, at 22. In that short time, he starred in a movie (The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love), performed in Miami, Houston, Boston and Manchester, UK, and made countless friends, performance videos and photographs. His friends called him "The Counselor," after Diana Troy, his favorite character on Star Trek. He had lovely long Barbara Streisand fingernails and he liked to dance to Bette Midler. He had incredible wit, and perfect physical timing. He loved to dress in drag, but when he went home to the Bronx, he would put on his boots and sweatshirt, and try to stay under the radar, become invisible (he learned to walk so he wouldn't swish)." Read more.

Nelson Rodriguez