On December 1, 2019, Visual AIDS will commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Day With(out) Art with seven newly commissioned videos by Shanti Avirgan, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Carl George, Viva Ruiz, Iman Shervington, Jack Waters/Victor F.M. Torres, and Derrick Woods-Morrow. These artists will consider the continuing presence of HIV/AIDS in the contemporary moment while revisiting resonant cultural histories of art and activism from the past three decades.

In 1989, Visual AIDS organized the first Day Without Art, a call to the art world for mourning and action in response to the AIDS crisis. Every year since, Visual AIDS has coordinated and publicized events at museums, universities, and arts organizations to highlight the ongoing urgency of the epidemic.

The artists for Day With(out) Art 2019 were chosen from an open call for proposals reviewed by Kenyon Farrow (Senior Editor at The Body), Alexandra Juhasz (Chair of the Film Department, Brooklyn College), Lucas Michael (Visual AIDS Artist+ Member and Board Member), and Lauren Zelaya (Assistant Curator, Public Programs, Brooklyn Museum).

The hour-long video program will premiere on December 1, 2019 for the 30th annual Day With(out) Art. Visual AIDS partners with museums, galleries, universities, and organizations around the world to present over 100 free screenings on/around December 1. If you’re interested in screening this year’s Day With(out) Art video program, please contact Day With(out) Art Project Manager, Kyle Croft at [email protected].

For longer synopses and artist bios, see the Day With(out) Art 2019 project page.

Video Synopses:

Shanti Avirgan, Beat Goes On

Beat Goes On is an all-archival video portrait of Keith Cylar (1958–2004), the co-founder of Housing Works and a central figure in the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) NY.

Carl George, The Lie

The Lie is the latest in an ongoing series of short films drawing on found footage and original materials from the artist’s archive. Offering “ruminations on ruined nations,” the film aims to expose the links between war, poverty, AIDS and capitalism, and discredit the persistent mythologies that bind them all.

Nguyen Tan Hoang, After Heaven

After Heaven returns to two subjects from the artist's 1995 video on gay Asian sexuality, 7 Steps to Sticky Heaven, examining how HIV/AIDS has shaped their lives in the 24 years since.

Viva Ruiz, Chloe Dzubilo: Love Warrior

Viva Ruiz invites transgender AIDS activist, artist, and beloved friend Chloe Dzubilo (1960-2011) to speak via never before seen Hi-8 footage filmed by Chloe's then-partner Kelly McGowan.

Iman Shervington, I'm Still Me

I'm Still Me highlights Sian, a Black woman living with HIV in Louisiana, who works in partnership with the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies to address the disproportionate effect of HIV on Black women in the South.

Jack Waters/Victor F.M. Torres, (eye, virus)

Through an experimental collage of video and pictographs, (eye, virus) explores how conversations around disclosure, stigma, and harm reduction shift across generations and from public to private realms. Collaboratively produced with Victor F.M. Torres and Nikki Sweet.

Derrick Woods-Morrow, Much handled things are always soft

Derrick Woods-Morrow will document the geography of the public sex culture of Black Chicago from the 1960s through the 1980s, in conversation with photographer and longterm survivor Patric McCoy.