"I chose powerful, thought-provoking works spanning various mediums—painting, photography, installation, illustration, and digital collage—all of which speak to the significant role fashion plays as a means of expression, escapism, therapy, and pride.

From Rob Ordonez’s seductive vixens, to Juan Arce’s neon-infused still life compositions, to Morris Lane’s saturated, stylized fashion gestures, each piece personally represents the integration of design and fantasy. Alex Aleixo, the late Brazilian erotic artist, creates wonderfully impossible encounters in his digital collages. Aleixo juxtaposes a hunky cowboy against the celebrated cultural icon Marilyn Monroe (who happens to be heavily tattooed), inducing visually titillating effects. In Jack Brusca’s painting ’Night Work’ (1990), voluptuous women of the night sensuously interact in this pastel-hued piece, calling to mind the glamazons found in Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings, but just way edgier and more contemporary." - Jasmin Hernandez

Check out Jasmin Hernandez's web gallery Fashion, Fantasy, and Freedom, including artists Jo David, Darrell Jones, Rob Ordonez, Morris Lane, Juan Arce, Tseng Kwong Chi, Hunter Reynolds, Hugh Steers, Jack Brusca, stVincent, Jose Luis Cortes, Kyle Nylund, Eugene Welsh, Chris Companik, Kim Davis, Alex Aleixo, Kissa Millar, Wyatt Tan, Luis Carle, Gordon Kurtti, Kia Labeija, and Derek Jackson.

Jo David

Darrell Jones

Rob Ordonez

Morris Lane

Juan Arce

Tseng Kwong Chi

Hunter Reynolds

Hugh Steers

Jack Brusca


Jose Luis Cortes

Kyle Nylund

William Welsch

Chris Companik

Kim Davis

Alex Aleixo

Kissa Millar

Wyatt Tan

Luis Carle

Gordon Kurtti

Kia LaBeija

Derek Jackson