Somewhat Portable Dolmen, Rafael Sánchez, ongoing project with Kathleen White

."A recurrent theme would emerge when discussing all together the Portable Dolmen, your street installments for alLuPiNiT or even your fight against cancer: vulnerability as a mode of resistance." - Aimar Arriola

Aimar Arriola writes a letter to the late Kathleen White, the artist and cultural icon, and curates a series of images in her honor.

View Fighting for Dignity (A Letter To Kathleen White), featuring work by Rafael Sánchez, Hunter Reynolds, Chloe Dzubilo, Vincent Chevalier, Frederick Weston, Robert Getso, Richard Sawdon Smith, Jon Nalley, Stephen Varble, Ed Eisenberg, Kia Labeija, John Eric Broaddus, and Luna Luis Ortiz.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry. View past Web Gallery here.

Rafael Sánchez

Hunter Reynolds

Chloe Dzubilo

Vincent Chevalier

Frederick Weston

Robert Getso

Richard Sawdon Smith

Jon Nalley

Stephen Varble

Ed Eisenberg

Kia LaBeija

John Eric Broaddus

Luna Luis Ortiz