Paper Women of the World, 1971-1996, Alan Walker pen and ink on paper, 22x18x14

This month, Aaron Krach curated I Don't Have a Clue..., featuring Alan Walker, Osvaldo Barrocal, James "Jimmie Mack" Simmonds, Scott Burton, Tim Greathouse, David Nelson, Chuck Nanney, Frederick Weston, Freddy Borges, Bob Burnside, M. Gens, Louis Miller, Hal Scheppner, Amos Beaida, Clifford D. Smith, Martha Luz Iriarte, Rubin Gonzalez, Martin Freeman, and Mooshka.

Krach says, "I don't have a clue why artists make things we don't really need. But I'm glad they did. The art in this gallery inspires me because the selections are "real" in an art world that celebrates fiction; some are minimal in a world that considers minimalism empty and boring; others are crafty in a culture where anything handmade is second-class, feminine, ethnic, and thus unworthy of serious consideration." Read More.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry. View past Web Gallery here.

Alan Walker

Osvaldo Barrocal

James "Jimmie Mack" Simmonds

Scott Burton

Tim Greathouse

David Nelson

Chuck Nanney

Frederick Weston

Freddy Borges

M. Gens

Louis Miller

Hal Scheppner

Amos Beaida

Clifford D. Smith

Martha Luz Iriarte

Rubin Gonzalez

Martin Freeman