"There's a Yiddish word— it's a crazy sounding word, "ungapatchka." Too much of anything, in an unpleasing way. Inappropriate, over-the-top, not necessary. Like a lot of the best Yiddish words, it doesn't translate well and gets used a bunch of ways. It's tacky. It's gilding the lily. It's overdone and overly baroque. It's just too much— like Jerome Caja in drag. Like the Cockettes. Like most of my dearest femme friends of whatever genders. Like eyebrows on the matron of the house in Thundercrack by Curt McDowell and George Kuchar; like that whole fucking movie. Like almost everything I love. Fuck minimalism and the stuff that is what contemporary art should look like. Fuck other people's shoulds. With so many shoulds, how can anyone be an artist or curator?

It's not often I get to share what I think about something important me to a big group of people. I hope this gets you more interested in some of the lesser-known artists in the Visual AIDS registry. I believe they deserve more attention to their messy, sordid, beautiful, stunning and elegant art." - Dorian Katz

Take a look at January's web gallery curated by Dorian Katz. I Get Weak From the Good Stuff includes artists Jerome Caja, George Dinhaupt, David Cannon Dashiell, Dyke Rowntree, Greg Maskwa, Kia Labeija, Maxime Angel Starling, Marc Lida, Joe Lewis, Michael Mitchell, Kenneth Mitchell, Curt McDowell, Joyce McDonald, Bruce Volpone, Scott Hunt, Anthony Smith, Chloe Dzubilo, Patrick Angus, Lucretia Crichlow, Jack Brusca, Steven Arnold, and David Abbott.

Jerome Caja

David Cannon Dashiell

George Dinhaupt

Dyke Rowntree

Greg Maskwa

Kia LaBeija

Maxime Angel Starling

Marc Lida

Joe Lewis

Michael Mitchell

Kenneth Mitchell

Curt McDowell

Joyce McDonald

Bruce Volpone

Scott Hunt

Anthony Smith

Chloe Dzubilo

Patrick Angus

Lucretia Crichlow

Jack Brusca

Steven Arnold

David Abbott