Times, 2003, Carlos Gonzalez acrylic, 14x11

Steve Gordon and RJ Supa curated Linear Progression / Progressive Deterioration, featuring Carlos Gonzalez, Jack Brusca, Tal Zargarhof, Michael Boroskey, Ken Goodman, Max Greenberg, Rodrigo Zuniga, Curtis Carman, Tim Greathouse, Ferenc Suto, Jerry Hooten, David Nelson, horea, Richard Sawdon Smith, Keith Haring, Félix González-Torres, Frank Green, David Wojnarowicz, and W. Benjamin Incerti.

Gordon says, "Something that has always fascinated me, both in my work and in my personal life, is the post 9/11 effect on the city's health, especially the topic of HIV. Have certain behaviors changed since the fall of the towers? That question may be a hard one to answer. What I can answer is that the rise of HIV infection has risen among people under the age of 25 in NYC. Rates of infection in African American women and African-American MSM have also increased in the past seven years. My selection of artworks will seek to explore what I have seen in both my personal life as a black gay man and in my career working with HIV positive people in post 9/11 New York." Read more.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry. View past Web Gallery here.

Carlos Gonzalez

Jack Brusca

Tal Zargarhof

Michael Boroskey

Ken Goodman

Max Greenberg

Rodrigo Zuniga

Curtis Carman

Tim Greathouse

Ferenc Suto

Jerry Hooten

David Nelson


Richard Sawdon Smith

Keith Haring

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Frank Green

David Wojnarowicz

W. Benjamin Incerti