hap-hazard Robert Blanchon plexi-glass boxes, c-prints, 2x3x2

Becca Albee curated Looking Up Lyrics, featuring Robert Blanchon, Hunter Reynolds, Steed Taylor, Stephen Varble, Bruce Cratsley, David Wojnarowicz, Vincent Cianni, Ferenc Suto, Tim Greathouse, Félix González-Torres, Brent Nicholson Earle, Jonathan Leiter, Joel Hoyer, Max Greenberg, Robert Flack, David King, David Nelson, David Reyes, and Paul Thek.

Albee says, "I approached the Frank Moore Archive Project knowing the first slide I was going to pull. That slide was of a piece by Robert Blanchon. Robert was my professor during my first semester of graduate school; he had a profound influence on my work. He described Haphazard as "every photograph I ever took." This piece has questionable believability -- it provides us with evidence (990 Plexi boxes with photographs presented inside each box) coupled with his word. Believability is a consistent consideration in photography, but in this piece it is the definition rather than the content of the photographs that I happily questioned. The self-archiving and the mini-vignettes that occur haphazardly are also points of inspiration to consider. So with that, Haphazard became the first (and second) slide." Read more.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry. View past Web Gallery here.

Robert Blanchon

Hunter Reynolds

Steed Taylor

Stephen Varble

Bruce Cratsley

David Wojnarowicz

Vincent Cianni

Ferenc Suto

Tim Greathouse

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Brent Nicholson Earle

Jonathan Leiter

Joel Hoyer

Max Greenberg

Robert Flack

David King

David Nelson

David Reyes

Paul Thek