"In thinking about a theme for this year’s LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN online exhibition, I dug deep down into myself for something that would or could resonate with other women. I recalled a past conversation with my best friend of over thirty five years where I was recounting a speech I made many years ago, in which I expressed the notion that much of what we do in this HIV work could be ameliorated if we hadn’t lost that sense of being our Brother’s Keeper.

As I reflected on my own true, deep and lasting friendship with her, as well as the path that I had walked with this disease, I smiled at the thought that we had remained best friends for over thirty-five years. Through puberty, school days, volleyball games, first loves, kids, god children, failed relationships and marriages, new loves, countless adventures of every sort imaginable, people who tried to tear us apart with lies and jealousy, living close together or separated by continents and time zones, snail mail, no mail, email, telephone, no phone, cell phone, Skype, bbm, What’s App and perhaps the greatest test of all, my HIV diagnosis over 23 years ago. Through the laughter, tears, sorrow, joy, loss and gain, our sense of “Sisterhood” has endured and in that moment it struck me, “My Sisters' Keeper” would be my theme." - Suzette Moses-Burton

Browse Suzette Moses-Burton's February 2016 Web Gallery for LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN. My Sister's Keeper features works by Lucretia Crichlow, Nancer LeMoins, Loreen Bryant, Becky Trotter, Diane Figueredo, IMH, Jessica Whitbread, Joyce McDonald, River Huston, Sam Kirk, Shirlene Cooper, Susan Paxton, Veritee Reed Hall, Amber McCarthy, Olga Guerra, Affrekka Jefferson, Kim Davis, Kathryn McGuinness, and Kia Labeija.

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Lucretia Crichlow

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Nancer LeMoins

Loreen Bryant

Becky Trotter

Diane Figueredo

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Jessica Whitbread

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Joyce McDonald

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River Huston

Sam Kirk

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Shirlene Cooper

Susan Paxton

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Veritee Reed Hall

Olga Guerra

Affrekka Jefferson

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Kim Davis

Kathryn McGuinness

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Kia LaBeija