June was a dazzling and dizzying month.
We opened two exhibitions, hosted panel discussions, partnered and supported related events, got a glowing review in The New York Times, took part in PRIDE, launched the NOT OVER tumblr, released a book, presented off-site performances, began an interview series and closed one exhibition. All thanks to the creativity, dedication and hard work of our artist members, volunteers, curators, partners and supporters!

Looking back, even 2 days into a new month, it is clear that this was an amazing time for Visual AIDS. Artists, activists, friends, and lovers came together to discuss art, AIDS, and action—past, present and future. We are so grateful. Above are a few photos and below is a run down of what we did.

  • June 1: NOT OVER, curated by Kris Nuzzi and Sur Rodney (Sur), opening (followed by a performance of Hi Tiger)
  • June 8, 15, 22, 29: Public Gestures with Cassidy Garner, Robert Suttle, Jeton Ademaj and Reginald T. Brown, as part of Camilo Godoy's NOT OVER project
  • June 15: But Does it Matter with Pato Hebert, Charles Long, Nancy Brooks Brody, and Todd Lester
  • June 20: Significant Others with Dirty Looks (as part of The Gordon Kurrti Project) with Esther Kaplan, Cynthia Carr, Rayya Elias, Jack Waters and Carl George
  • June 22& 29: Future Crimes b/w Love Kills, a performance by J. Morrison
  • June 23: Foundational Sharing featuring Aldrin Valdez, Angela Beallor, Camilo Godoy, Eric Rhein, Hayat Hyatt, and L.J. Roberts
  • June 26,27,28: Spread, Artist Walk by Elastic City's Todd Shalom, Niegel Smith
  • June 28: prvtdncr & bodega vendetta present HOUSE IN VERMONT, curated by Shannon Michael Cane, opening
  • June 29: Sweater Queens Collaging Group with prvtdncr & bodega vendetta
  • June 30: Making Sense of Paper, Glitter & Life: Curator's Talk / Book Launch: Andrew Blackley, Kris Nuzzi and Sur Rodney (Sur) and Nayland Blake

Watch our blog for news about our upcoming summer events and stay tuned for work thoughts, and projects coming out of the NOT OVER exhibition