Since beginning my tenure with Visual AIDS in September of this year, I had been preparing to take on the monumental task of coordinating the annual Postcards from the Edge benefit. I had heard about the legendary event and what was involved in putting it all together since my first day at this organization and I was, to say the least, scared. The thought of coordinating such a large event and making sure to keep track of over 1,500 pieces of art was intimidating. That, coupled with the fact that Postcards from the Edge the largest event of the year for Visual AIDS, but 2018 will also mark its 20th anniversary, making it one of the organization’s longest-standing traditions.

A very busy September came and went and at the start of October, it was time to begin working on Postcards 2018. With Esther’s help, I navigated through documents from previous years and began to send out the invitations and postcard packets. All through October, envelopes were stuffed, stamps were stuck, and trips to the post office were made. I was pleasantly surprised at the response from everyone and still am. The emails and correspondences that I have been receiving are nothing but warm and kind. I am watching as our office fills up with postcards from all around the world and am enjoying my sneak-peek at all of the amazing artwork that is coming in as we catalogue and sort it all. I truly look forward to the event in January and to many more years of working with all of you to make Postcards from the Edge a success.

Now I have to ask for your help in making my first Postcards from the Edge the best one that Visual AIDS has ever hosted. The event will be held from January 19 to 21 at Gallery 524, 524 W. 26th Street. Please send us your 4x6 inch artwork and join us at the event. Remember that artwork must be postmarked by December 4 and please include our form with your artwork.

On behalf of Visual AIDS, thank you for helping to make Postcards from the Edge one of New York City’s hottest events every year and thank you for helping us to support artists living with HIV and AIDS. I believe deeply in the work that I do here everyday because I see first hand the impact that it has on people’s lives and it’s because of your support of events like Postcards from the Edge that Visual AIDS can make it happen.

I look forward to seeing your postcard and to seeing you in January! In the meantime, consider me your personal postcard concierge and please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have.

Thank you!