Peter Staley - 5 Color Print, 2007, George Towne, 5 Color Lithograph, 20x28

"We must reject the stigma that labels people with HIV as predatory, irresponsible, and lacking in self-respect. Being proud of all that we are is hardly the same as wishing it on others.Proud to be Positive explores the identity of those of us living with HIV and asks if we might feel pride about this fundamental trait." - Mark S. King

June's web gallery, Proud to be Positive, is curated by Mark S. King and features work by Veritee Reed Hall, Charles Hopkinson, Nelson Rodriguez, Shungaboy, Greg Mitchell, Kim Davis, Alex Sparrowhawk, Joe Lewis, Jonathan Leiter, Barton Lidice Beneš, Peter Wyman, George Towne,Thomas Somerville, Lina Yaroslavska, Jon Nalley, and Robert Getso.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry. View past Web Gallery here.

Veritee Reed Hall

Charles Hopkinson

Nelson Rodriguez


Greg Mitchell

Kim Davis

Alex Sparrowhawk

Joe Lewis

Jonathan Leiter

Barton Lidice Beneš

Peter Wyman

George Towne

Thomas Somerville

Lina Yaroslavska

Jon Nalley

Robert Getso