Maybe, 2000, Peter Cherone acrylic on wood, 24x24

Chaich says, "This quest for finding works that use text—and what visual treatments they employ to create meaning—guided my curatorial exploration in the through the Visual AIDS slide archives.

Over nine hours and three visits, I selected text-based works in which:

  • materials match the message (Joe de Hoyos and Samuel F. Lewis)
  • letterforms are created by objects (Max Greenberg)
  • font choice reflects the content (Afrekka Jefferson, Fred Weston and W. Benjamin Incerti)
  • art appropriates the typography of ads (Bryan Hoffman)
  • words intersect with the image (Robert Farber and Steed Taylor)
  • text creates visual texture and, in doing so, morphs meaning (William Donovan and horea)
  • the mark of the artist’s hand appears and/or the mark of the word disappears (Robert Blanchon, Stephen Andrews and Frank H. Jump)

Moreover, I pondered what do these words say about the public’s response to HIV/AIDS? Do these works speak directly to living with AIDS and/or the way we read art, or do their words engage, ignore or even attack the viewer?" Read more.

Each month, Visual AIDS invites guest curators, drawn from both the arts and AIDS communities, to select several works from the Frank Moore Archive Project and Visual AIDS Artists Registry.

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Peter Cherone

Joe De Hoyos

Samuel F. Lewis

Max Greenberg

Bryan Hoffman

Affrekka Jefferson

Frederick Weston

David Wojnarowicz

W. Benjamin Incerti


William Donovan

Steed Taylor

Robert Farber

Stephen Andrews

Frank Jump