Scott, Laramie, WY. Richard Renaldi

Photographer and Visual AIDS Artist Richard Renaldi received the Bill Olander Award at the 2011 VAVA Voom awards for his contribution to the movement though his art. His photography casts a gentle eye on the world, exposing the humanity, beauty, and injustice that can be at play in every moment.

For the 8th Annual VAVA Voom, Renaldi has curated the silent auction, bringing together works from Jack Pierson, Jess T. Dugan, David Hilliard, Bill Jacobson, Patrick Lee, Bruce of Los Angeles, Joseph Maida, Keith Mayerson, Naruki, Stefan Ruiz, Zoe Strauss, Barton Benes, Boris Torres, Shen Wei, and Hank Willis Thomas.

The auction benefits the work of Visual AIDS, ensuring we can continue to support artists living with HIV/AIDS, estates representing those who were living with HIV/AIDS; and using art to remind the world that AIDS is not over.

Below we talk to Richard about his curation.

Visual AIDS: Can you tell us a bit about the works you have curated for the auction?

Richard Renaldi: In my selection for the VAVA Voom Silent Auction I approached artists whose work I admire and whom I knew had made work in a more figurative vein. Many of the artists included in my selection are ones with who with I had met before, know personally, or count among my friends. We have a great roster and I really appreciate their generosity in donating a piece of their artwork for Visual AIDS. That they put their time and talent into such a fantastic cause is really meaningful.

Visual AIDS: What made you focus on figurative works?

Richard Renaldi: I love portraiture and the human figure. I thought it would nice to carry forward the same theme (figurative work) I had chosen for my curation of the Visual AIDS web gallery several years ago. All of the works are inspiring. What I like most is that there is such a beautifully broad range and interpretation of what a represents a human form.

Visual AIDS: As a VAVA Voom awardee, what do the VAVAs mean to you?

Richard Renadli: The VAVA's are a great benefit where people come together to honor and celebrate the work that Visual AIDS and its supporters are doing. The Cabaret is fabulous and I look forward to it every year!

Visual AIDS: What are you most looking forward to for VAVA 2013?

Richard Renaldi: Naturally, all of the ensuing bidding wars over the pieces in the silent auction.

To view the work, and start bidding, visit Paddle 8.

Barton Lidice Beneš

Richard Renaldi