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Isolation video still giccle print 2012, 2012, Paul Chisholm

Visual AIDS Archive Intern

Recently Visual AIDS rolled out the Visual AIDS Online Registry, a continuation of the Frank Moore Archives Project. Together the registry and the archive host the world’s largest collection of images created by artists living with HIV, and those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS. It also houses artist ephemera, and various artifacts from the beginning of the AIDS crisis.

Visual AIDS is looking for an Archive Intern to help us work with artist members, maintain the archive and registry, and help us keep working towards the future of archiving.

The ideal Visual AIDS Archive Intern is:
Has a working history and interest in archiving
A good communicator
AIDS aware and curious about the ongoing response to the pandemic
Appreciative and knowledgeable about visual art as well as performance, literature, and other faucets of culture

The Visual AIDS Archive Intern will receive:

An opportunity to work with and shape the ongoing functionality of the Visual AIDS archive and registry
An education about the ongoing response to HIV/AIDS through art, culture and activism
Proactive feedback
City travel expenses paid

Visual AIDS accepts international interns, and those looking to work with us for school credit. Our humble office is informal and relaxed, and has air conditioning, a microwave and a fridge. Hours are negotiable.

If you are interested in hearing more, please drop a line to [email protected]