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Legalize Positivity

Inés Ixierda and Clio Sady

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Legalize Positivity

Inés Ixierda and Clio Sady

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Legalize Positivity

by Inés Ixierda and Clio Sady for Visual AIDS, 2020.

To learn more about HIV criminalization and the activists working to dismantle it in the United States, visit the Sero Project and The Center for HIV Law & Policy. For a global perspective, visit the HIV Justice Network and HIV Justice Worldwide.

Clio Reese Sady is a disabled queer mixed Arab and white comics artist living in East Oakland, CA who's currently working on an anarchafeminist murder mystery graphic novel and loves smoking and shooting pool. www.clioreesesady.com@rockbeatsscissorsbeatspaper

Inés Ixierda is a queer, half Bolivian interdisciplinary visual artist, media maker, and bruja, drawing subversive medical narratives and casting decolonial protection spells in Oakland, CA, unceded Ohlone land. www.inesixierda.com@ines_ixierda

Legalize Positivity

is one of a series of new comics addressing contemporary aspects of the ongoing HIV pandemic, commissioned by Visual AIDS and curated by Paul Sammut.

Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over. visualaids.org

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