featured gallery for June 2018

You're My New Orleans

You're My New Orleans. You're who I want to be with all the time. You're what makes me feel good and who I want to wake up next to. What makes me laugh, dance, cry ... what can make me angry and what can make me cum. What I hope for and what I remember ... what I never want to forget. You're like a Frederick Weston collage, a David Wojnarowicz lithograph, a Felix Gonzalez-Torres installation. You're My New Orleans.

The title of this web exhibit comes from a song by David Deporis. It's a beautiful song ... a lullaby. There's something synaesthetic going on here for me ... I look at these works and I hear this song ... a song that I could imagine singing to my one true love.

I expected the experience of going through the archive to really suck, like an onerous homework assignment, but this magical thing happened ... like when you're afraid to try karaoke and then when you do you have to be wrestled to the ground in order for someone else to take a turn ...

There were so many directions I could have taken -- themes and filters I could have implemented to come up with a curatorial "vision." But in the end, I just let myself do what I always wish for and dream about most: I fell in love.