Artist+ Registry

The Artist+ Registry is the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS.  It offers a unique resource to inspire and educate the public.  Visual AIDS assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work and helping them reach new audiences. The Artist+ Registry is open to all HIV+ artists.

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The Seasons

Bae CupiD

Order 32 café, chord suite no.128

Stephen Edlich

En La Mente De Dios

Abnel Rodriguez

Adam I

Wilhelm Vincent


L Drows

Famous Artist

Leon McCutcheon


Paul Wirhun

Postcards from the Edge 4X6

Kurtiss Lofstrom

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Darrall Lee


Bruce Monroe

Queer Narcissus

Michael Boroskey

Sunbeam Striking Gilt Frame, Metropolitan Museum

Bruce Cratsley


Donna Gay


David Chick


George Rios

Hopkinson Masterembrace

Charles Hopkinson

Birds of Ill Omen - Upcoming theater work

Corentin Leven

Luna Luis Ortiz, dreaming of angels

Luna Luis Ortiz

The Fragility of Memory and Material (Personal Detail) Photo Booth

Jeff Zimmer

Polish it Off (Homage to Robert Smithson)

William Schwedler