Artist+ Registry

The Artist+ Registry is the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS.  It offers a unique resource to inspire and educate the public.  Visual AIDS assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work and helping them reach new audiences. The Artist+ Registry is open to all HIV+ artists.

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Dogs Night with the Moon

Joe Monroe


W. Benjamin Incerti


Santiago Lemus

landscape: in the dark of man is the mist of infection

Ira Byelick

Blue and Grey

Greg Baron


Hermes Payrhuber


Amos Beaida

Culture and Landscape

Arch Connelly

Untitled (San Francisco c. 70's)

Crawford Barton

NYC Piers, 1981

Joseph Golden

Inside Sumner’s Garden (Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of Bruce Kingsley and the Estate of John Laub)

John Laub

Going Going...  Tia/Tracey.

Bryan Hoffman


Michael Colgan

New York

Hervé Guibert

Brandon as a Clown

Thom Markee

Jersey City Pop

christian grados

Spitting Image

Joe De Hoyos

The Guggenheim at Indian Summer

Robert Miles Parker

Under Construction


Positive Affirmation

Mel Rattue