John McNamara


 What a journey . John's life started in Brooklyn N.Y. He always enjoyed living there .There was always something to do ,watch,  be amazed by ,and learn from. Some of his favorite memories are , going to coney island to watch the fourth of july fireworks show while lying on the beach with the family ,close friends, and all the others doing the same thing he was doing ,  " yes along with all the explosions ,oooh's and aaaah's and wow's filled the beach ". Another big fave riding the staten island ferry . John's mom and aunt would take all the kids load up some real good lunches scrape up any change laying around for tokens and whatnot and off to the subway they went for an all day adventure .  John also loved going to sheepehead bay on the subway ,and fishing off the piers there . Later on he became a pidgeon fancier and John and his dad spent time together on the roof flying the birds .                 Currently John is living in Phoenix Az. ' Dry heat my ass' he says, '' This is fucking rediculous'  However livng in phx has led him to his new  passion ART . 

  John became part of Art Awakenings a P.S.A. behavioral health org. program where art therapy is used . Since his introduction John's life has become more manageable . Using new coping skills to deal with the severe depression bi polar disorder he was suffering from John began to heal .  "Art saved me from a hopeless place . I felt alone surrounded by barrios , Diagnosed with Hiv/Aids and bipolar disorder created this darkness and fear of the stigma society supports so readily .Then came the amazing healing powers of being an artist ." john continues, "  I not only love and enjoy creating , I get great satisfaction when people view it . I also have became very fond of helping other artists in the program . Curating several shows and actually do the leg work finding venues and hanging the show . One of my first big shows was a fund raiser for Southwest center for Hiv/Aids . It was held in the Parsons Center on central Ave, in downtown phx, az.The title The Wall Breaking Down The Barriers . The fantastic show ran for a month a drew in a lot of the public. The show.was a plea for a stigma free society Over 80 pieces of art and 25 artists were represented

 John had several other showings there and met a lot of other artists that were also POZ and that was when he learned of VISUAL AIDS  ORGANIZATION . This was a turning point in his life . IF YOU ARE READING THIS   you are at his web gallery provided by the org ..If you love art you will find it hear and if you can donate to help PLEASE DO !. This org has helped me come to an acceptance level of my HIV.status . "I DON'T HAVE TO HIDE UNDER A ROCK ANYMORE . MY ART IS A WAY TO FREE MYSELF FROM THE STIPULATION THAT I AM NOT ALONE OR NOT WORTHY OF BEING A MEMBER OF GREATNESS ! " is johns new way of life . 


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I began my journey into the world of ART in 2015.  I was given an opportunity to attend a program 

called Art Awakenings - and it did just that.  I became aware of things I had given up on over the years and feelings 

I thought would be gone forever.  The things I gave up on were my dreams. Feelings were gone - that of accomplishment, 

acceptance and love.


As I began to start learning new skills at coping with life’s curves, up’s and down’s and all around, through the world

 of art I began to believe again - that my life is important.  I had certain gifts given to me by God that I had ignored or 

never even knew existed.


Now as I begin the rediscovery of myself through many different forms of art, I have an ability and a responsibility to

share them with you.  I wish you dreams, accomplishments, acceptance and LOVE!


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