March 6–March 24, 2018
Price: Free


Galeria Ponto de Fuga
R. Saldanha Marinho 1220
Curitiba-PR, , 4106902
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Galeria Ponto de Fuga presents Corpo Substância (Body Substance)

Featured artists: 

Silvina Rodriguez (UY), Ana Paula Málaga (BR), Agustín Rincón (VE), Isabella Lanave (BR), Amorim (BR), Antonio Amador (BR), Gian Cruz (PH), Gilio Mialichi (BR), Ursula Jahn (BR), Felipe Abreu (BR), Walter Thoms (BR), Coletivo Roleta (BR)


Extravagant Singularities


Photography, Digital Performance

In the realm of the post-photographic, the translations of desire for the virtual exist in the processing of images. And in the age of the internet and the ever pervasive culture of self-awareness in the digital realm, how much becomes an actual physical representation or is it all relegated to the persistent desirability of the internet presentation?

In these digital performances operating on the materiality of the virtual, an internet-based lifestyle derived from materials from mobile phones and computers, it questions how such is a pornographic entity in its own right. Something is overwhelming there and something is not there that surpasses void. Do we operate as an alterity that doesn’t speak of it directly as an alterity induced by this digital realm? In our excessive processes pursued to create an imagery of seductive and compelling images, do we actually still work on materializing desire or just sublimating desire into an empty category?


Extravagant Singularities was partly developed in Gian's recently concluded collaborative research-based residency with Chapel Arts Studios in the UK earlier this year. Chapel Arts (CAS) is a research driven organization, there to support artists and promote alternative outlets to thrive and invigorate their work as well as other communities through this initiative. It has recently been selected by Arts Council England for substantial investment as a new National Portfolio Organization.