September 9–October 6, 2017
Price: Free

Love Among the Ruins: A Short History of 56 Bleecker Gallery and Late 80s NY

Howl! Happening
6 East 1st Street
New York, New York, 10003
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Arch Connelly, "Culture and Landscape," 1984, acrylic, pearls, costume jewelry on plywood, 48" x 24". Collection of Gigi Ferrante


56 Bleecker Gallery held a unique position in the late 80’s art world. Part serious gallery, part happening, the space was a scene that reflected the explosive intersection of art, performance, music, fashion and the incredible nightlife culture of that era. While it was a time of enormous creativity, it was also one of deep sorrow. The exhibition will touch upon the impact of AIDS on our community. This retrospective will recreate the excitement of the era through a thoughtful curation of artists’ work, archival material, performance recreations, video reminiscence, and other special events including a new production of Jackie Curtis’ Glamour, Glory and Gold directed by Brian Butterick.

Among the artists featured in this retrospective is Artist+ Member Arch Connelly.