June 4–June 26, 2016
Type of event:
Visual AIDS Recommends

​QUEER Biennial II - Los Angeles

801 E. 7th Street, # 103
Los Angeles, CA, 90021
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QUEER Biennial II - Los Angeles

Yooth: Loss and Found

Exhibition // Contemporary Performance // Dance // Films // Lectures // Conversations // Party

QUEER Biennial is an international survey focusing on current moments in OUT/QUEER/LGBTQ art and culture and will showcase emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Opening reception: Saturday, June 4, 6 to 11PM

IndustryGallery, 801 E. 7th Street, # 103, Los Angeles
with performances by Daniel Hellmann, Daphne Von Rey, Jordan, Gage of the Boone, Valéire Reding, Ivan Monteiro, Jon Vaz Gar, VivvyAnne ForeverMORE, Liss Lafleur and more...
through June 26th - Thursday-Saturday 1-5pm (and by appointment)

NATIVE STRATEGIES // conference and conversations
On June 5th, 18th, 19th and 26th, Native Strategies, with Marc Streit and Mary Ellyn Johnson of swissnex San Francisco is facilitating a historic four day conference "LGBTQPerformance" at the Ace Hotel in DTLA to explore the question "How did the apex of the AIDS epidemic effect the history of performance art made within queer communities in Los Angeles?" Speakers include Jack Halberstam, Zackary Drucker, Nathan Schocher, Ron Athey, Jennifer Doyle, Nao Bustamante, Rafa Esparza, Brandon Drew Holmes, Jamillah James and more...

Featured artists: Simone Aughterlony, Love Bailey, Lukas Beyeler, Joe Bruns, Paul Buijs, Jibz Cameron, Enrique Castrejon, François Chaignaud, Antonio Da Silva, Ed. de la Torre, Oleg Dou, Eric Eich, Monique Jenkinson a.k.a. FAUXNIQUE, Jaye Fishel, Greg Firlotte, Gage of the Boone, Alex Guerra, Daniel Hellmann, HomoRiot, Chasen Igleheart, Jordan, Jmy Kidd, Jamison Karon, Naruki Kukita, Bruce La Bruce, Alex La Cruz, Liss La Fleur, Matt Lambert, Elisha Lim, Antonija Livingstone, Melanie Magenta, Brooke Mason, Martin Matamoros, Ivan Monteiro, Nik O Nik, Mikki Olson, Tara Jane O’ Neil, Pansy Ass Ceramics, Gio Black Peter, Valérie Reding, Miguel Angel Reyes, Jamie Ross, Hahn Rowe, Rafael Santiago, Savage Family, Phil Tarley, Joey Terrill, Liz Toonkel, Mica Sigourney a.k.a. Vivvy Anne ForeverMORE, Daphne Von Rey, Jan Wandrag, Suzanne Wright, and DJ Sad Boy. More to be announced.

Check out the full program:

Curated by: Ruben Esparza, Mark Cramer, Jon Vaz Gar, Brian Getnick, Jeremy Lucido, Tanya Rubbak, Marc Streit, Stuart Sandford and Amy Von Harrington