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Alec Hughes



My work takes inspiration from abstract expressionism by inverting the figurative into the symbolic. Working with light, color, composition, and materiality I deviate from representational photography, seeking to immerse myself into alternate realities that surround and envelope, helping to lessen often intensely painful periods of severe depression that sometimes approach without warning.

In this series, I was inspired by artists like Mark Rothko, Aaron Siskind, and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Exploring the fragility of sanity and how easily it becomes punctured and overwhelming, these images approach how my optic nerves materialize the subconscious. Viewing my poor eyesight as a gift, I've done little to correct it. When depression strikes, there is inherent comfort in my inability to see clearly but within only a few inches. The world becomes softer, less harsh, less defined at the edges, blending construct, textures, surfaces, and colors. It creates a deep meditative state, but also a form of vulnerability. The series reflects a more ephemeral existence, an attempt to shape reality, dampen its brutal sharpness - immersing myself in a world that is more open to interpretation, safer, and less threatening.