Artist+ Registry

The Artist+ Registry is the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS.  It offers a unique resource to inspire and educate the public.  Visual AIDS assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work and helping them reach new audiences. The Artist+ Registry is open to all HIV+ artists.

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Thom, Viera, Florida

Sean Black

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Darrall Lee

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Dan Glass


darkroom danny

Manhattan Sunday (Alex)

Richard Renaldi

La Corona

Peter Madero III

Paradise Garage II

Ronald Bruce Monroe

Handball Play at Correctional Facility

Carlos Gonzalez


Markus Wilhelm


Paul Lynch (aka LynchMob66)

Scroll Silence Six

Ricardo Morin

Caridad Del Cobre

Miguel Alvarez

11th Avant Garde Festival

John Eric Broaddus

Windy Curtsy

Curtis Carman

Title unknown

Ross Laycock

Fluidity in Movement

Keesha Rivers

O ilha [The Island One]


The State Series (Minnesota)

David Faulk

Safe Ride Sam Kirk Smart Final

Sam Kirk

Brandon as a Clown

Thom Markee