Artist+ Registry

The Artist+ Registry is the largest database of works by artists with HIV/AIDS.  It offers a unique resource to inspire and educate the public.  Visual AIDS assists artists with HIV/AIDS, while preserving a visual record of their work and helping them reach new audiences. The Artist+ Registry is open to all HIV+ artists.

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Seen Eye

Benjamin Gonzalez

Dark Shadows

Larry Eades


Shane Booth

Untitled: Bridge

Carlos Vanegas


larry malu


William Cullum

Untitled, PS01-2016

George Dinhaupt

Robert “Cyclona” Legorreta Headdress

Mike Moreno

Your Valentine (Self-Portrait)

Dirk H. Wilms


Ken Goodman

San Francisco, CA

Tseng Kwong Chi

Image 1405654252

teresa musolino

Reachingoutwithinvisiblehands copy-2

C Creech

Pause for Paws

Wander Lust


Lora Shapiro

5 Df

Paul Wirhun

Self Portrait

Tal Zargarhof

Facsimile (part 4, detail, Tim Jocelyn)

Stephen Andrews

Screen Shot 2014 07 10 At 11 23 17 Am

Cory Roberts-Auli


Russ Hansen