Hector Valladares

Héctor Valladares Fine Artist/Caricaturist

Héctor Valladares draws an paints fine-art, is an illustrator, portraitist and a cartoon-caricaturist. He produces commissioned work for the private and public sector. He has been producing art since he was 4 years old and drawing caricatures for more than 15 years. He has coordinated the production of graphical material, and art activities; taught art to youth and adults. He has illustrated books and worked as an Art Director for newspapers in Honduras and the USA. His talent has enabled him to work for Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises, Bank Of Montreal, Johnson & Johnson Co., University of Toronto, The American Bar Association, CBC/SRC radio hosts, J. Walter Thompson Publishing Co., Tim Horton’s, Canadian Tire, Héctor’s formal education includes: a Fine Art Diploma on a three year scholarship through The Ministry of Education of Honduras. In Mexico DF, he studied Restorations of Cultural Assets at The National Institute of Anthropology and History through a scholarship of merit from the American States Organization. He received a grant from the World Health Organization to study The Design and Production of Educational Material at The Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Once in Canada he attended Ontario College of Art and Design studying Printmaking in Toronto. He was awarded with The Merit of Honor Diploma from The Ministry of Culture of Honduras during the Tourist Symbol of Honduras Contest.

“Somehow I would compare beauty with functionality and comfort of home. This recalls me of how a house has to be designed and the importance of beauty in human life. Some scientists have reached the conclusion that humans characterize themselves by possessing a brain, which demands a great deal of stimuli and curiosity. Because humans have the prerogative to own a spirit of searching, they are constantly exploring for something; by doing so, results in the form of inventions emerge, of which some appeal to my senses, like fine art, music, perfumes, fashion, food etc. Actually, humans evolve within the arts using aesthetics patterns because of their constant effort to discover beauty. Nevertheless, I believe it could be another profound reason rooted within the human conscience, which originates the need to produce art, and that one could be the incessant digging into the reasons of things, consequently, trying to bring out to light the secrets of life as science’s infinite task does. To express the results of the digging, to bring to light my thoughts, feelings and perceptions of nature, which I am myself, I use my art as a vehicle or tool. It is a need to communicate with each other, and certainly, to be able to communicate with ourselves, art achieves an extraordinary function.” Hector Valladares Fine Artist

Héctor Valladares 608-31 Alexander Street, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1B2 416.966.0306 Aguile10@hotmail.com EDUCATION 1994 Electronic Publishing – Digital Media Studios, Toronto, ON

1992 Pre-Business Course – George Brown College, Toronto, ON

1991 Printmaking – Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, ON

1978-1979 Studies on Restorations of Cultural Assets – National Institute of Anthropology and History, Inter-American Centre For Restoration of Cultural Assets Mexico, DF

1971-1973 Fine Arts Diploma – National School of Fine Arts Tegucigalpa, Honduras

PROFESSIONAL 1998 – Present Fine Arts Artist/Illustrator, Toronto, ON • Free-lance Fine Arts Artist and Illustrator for commissioned work, solo, group exhibitions, and galleries. • Drawing studio/live cartoon-caricatures for private and public organizations. 1996 – 1997 Graphics Artist/Illustrator and Logistic Assistant – St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON • Interpreted and designed the hospital’s six core values into graphic illustrations. • Designed and presented the preliminary graphic illustrations to be reviewed and approved by hospital Board and staff at all levels. • Produced the limited edition prints of the hospital’s core values to be used as awards for recognition of volunteers, employees and physicians performance. • Coordinated the reproduction of greeting cards for the hospital gift shop resulting in extra revenue for the institution. • Designed a special format of the values to be utilized as teaching instruments for new employees. • Worked in The Day Care Unit as an Environmental Assistant and in the Shipping and Receiving Department.

1992 –1997 Researcher, Graphic Designer/Member of the Promotion Committee – Parkdale Focus Community Health Project, and the Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto, ON • Conducted interviews to gather information and evaluate the awareness of alcohol related issues within the community. • Illustrated health promotion material (brochures, posters, booklets and flyers). • Designed the cartoon-editorial for the bi-monthly newsletter. • Designed poster games for children’s activities.

1994 Writer/Illustrator – The Workplace Project, New York, NY • Member of the team who conceived and coordinated the writing and illustration of a booklet “Luchas Laborales” for adult education on labor rights issues • The Workplace Project is a Community-Based Agency for Latin-American Refugees which was funded by the American Bar Association Grant

1990 – 1992 Graphic Designer/Management Assistant – Promotion Canada Inc., Weston, ON • Designed all the artwork for silkscreen printings • Implemented and maintained clients’ files.

1990 – 1992 Graphic Designer/Management Assistant – Promotion Canada Inc., Weston, ON • Designed all the artwork for silkscreen printing. • Implemented and maintained clients’ files.

1987 – 1989 Editor/Designer – Centro Presente Inc., Boston, MA • Employed as an Editor and Designer for a community-based agency for Latin-American Refugees and provided Spanish editing and designed “The Bulletin of Centro Presente” • Increased the individual and agency subscription by 25%.

1984 – 1986 Art Director – El Agricultor, Tegucigalpa, Honduras • Designed and coordinated the production of all the educational illustrations related to the main aspects of the newspaper: Family, Health, Agriculture and Law which is an Educational Newspaper for Honduran People’s Development.

1979 – 1984 Educational Material Programmer/Team Leader ¬ – Mass Media Communication Project Applied to Children’s Health, Tegucigalpa, Honduras • Member of the technical team, which included medical workers, communicators, social workers, and anthropologists. • Researched through the direct observation methods, focus groups and interviews, the cultural patterns of Honduran people that influenced on infants’ mortality for dehydration caused by diarrheas. • Participated on the design and marketing of all the media to be nationally broadcasted and distributed. • Coordinated the design, evaluation and production of all the graphic material and the distribution of an oral solution across the country. • Participated on the evaluation of the educational campaign impact. This project helped to implement other health’s campaigns in Honduras. • Represented Honduras at international forums in Latin America through the World Health Organization Grants.

WORKSHOPS Summer 2008 Guest Artist/Summer Camp, Vaughn, ON • Designed and delivered a workshop on how to create cartoons to youth • Designed and delivered a workshop on how to create cartoons to students of elementary and secondary schools.

Summer 1999 Art Director – Art Starts, Toronto, ON Art Stars received a Mayor Mel and Marylyn Lastman Award for the Arts • Coordinated and implemented art related activities and workshop for youth between the ages of 13 and 17 years for an intercultural mural “Creating to Unify”

Summer 1988 Teen Time Summer Consultant – La Alianza Hispana Inc. -The Spanish Alliance Inc., Boston, MA • Developed and implemented art related activities and curriculum: murals and crafts. • Designed and delivered an Art, Math and Spanish literacy curriculum to youth between the ages of 12-19 years.

EXHIBITIONS 2005 St. Michael’s Art Angel Show & Sale – St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON Solo exhibit for fundraising

2002 Spring Show – Here and Now Gallery, Toronto, ON Group exhibit for local artists’ show case 4th Annual Parkdale Art Show – Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre Roundup Show, Toronto, ON Group exhibit to showcase local art

2000 Artists Choice Winter Exhibition – Neilson Park Creative Centre Gallery, Etobicoke, ON Group exhibit to showcase art

1999 The Broken Fence Society: Juried Environmental Art Show – Polson Pier Gallery, Toronto, ON Group exhibit to showcase local art

1993 International Exhibition of Miniature Art – Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON Group exhibit to showcase local art at an International event

1988 Spanish Alliance, Boston, MA Solo exhibit for show casing local artists’ work REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST