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General Idea, 'Self-portrait with Objects'

Felix Partz (of General Idea)

Ada, from"I have something to tell you"

Adrain Chesser

Screen Shot 2016 07 23 At 11 46 51

Dan Glass


Andrés Rangl


Andy Fabo

The naked chair

Arel Siviş

11th Avant Garde Festival

John Eric Broaddus

Butterflies and lizards - 2


Candyscam #3 (front cover)

julie blair

Sky Lines

Brian Healey

Carl Apfelschnitt

Carl Apfelschnitt

Queer Collage 1

Carmine Santaniello

Black Hole Sun Quilt

Carl George

Dirty & Proud

Charles Ryan Long

Where It Was

Christoph3r C0nry

Supersafe I

Christopher Klettermayer

11.  Reflection

Carlos Cordero

Double Self Portrait: Pietà

Danny Coeyman

Documentation Of Dion Being WHAT? That Bitch...

Darryl Terrell

Dumb Bunny

Brian Buczak

Do You ?

Joe Lewis

Black & White

Garry Hayes

Untitled, LBC2010 (03)

George Dinhaupt



Positively Fabulous Bangkok

Kim Davis

A paint rd

Hannecke Gustavo


John Hanning

etching the countenance: ejaculation of time mutation lifelines. william burroughs

heretik radikal

got agenda?



Ian Richards

Test Tube World v1

Jaiden Benz


Jack Waters

Fes Granery

Jeremy G. Landau


Jose Luis Cortes

untitled 1 (Physician Desk Ref.)

Gin Louie

Nick  (from the Bethesda Brotherhood)

Jonathan Molina-Garcia

General Idea, "Self-portrait with Objects"

Jorge Zontal (of General Idea)

PrEP Badge

Joseph Cotgrave

Black on White

Alexander Kargaltsev

Lamentation of Punchinello/ By PunchinelloÍs Bed

Patrick Webb


Leroy Morvant

Luna Luis Ortiz, dreaming of angels

Luna Luis Ortiz

Give It All

Lucas Michael

Pier 34, New York

Marisela La Grave

Benny, from the Myth series of the Sex & Power Project

Marcelo Maia

Mba postcard

Agostino Marte-Bautista

Feedback Loop Null

Matthew Papa

First Step into the Pyramid

Nicolas Moufarrege


Nancer LeMoins

Breakfast with Plate and Coffee Mug

Nicholas D'Avella

Buddha Mio

Orlando Ferrand

Ore 3 Web

Patrick V Brown


Barton Lidice Beneš

Na água do Engordador (On Engordador´s water)

Pedro Padosan

Cherry Blossom

Pedro Zagitt

Without Title (Untitled)

Liliana Maresca


Ull Hohn

graphic novel (excerpt)

John Kelly

One Way Empire

Peter Cramer

Deep Dark: Phantasma


18491761 10100133997704887 9017439803141981014 o

Darrall Lee

Upon Reflection (Steps) (Edition of 10)

Daniel Dallabrida

Image description: A photograph of an outdoor fence with entitled text “I can still love you from here” with a background view of two concrete housing complex skyscrapers.

Shan Kelley

Self Portrait

Joseph Modica

My Bleeding Heart

Richard Sawdon Smith

High School & Kickin



Michael Johnstone

Non-consensual sex

Stephen Gemberling

P.S. I Loved You

SJ Fleck

He Said "Kiss Me Where it Stinks" So I Took Him to Darlinghurst

John Douglas


Vincent D'Arata

o Mio Yemaya

Eric Lerner

A sad story

Yen Yen-Jui Lai

The Future is Risky and Possible

Andrew Zealley