Vincent D'Arata

MAY 2016, Graduation from The New School of Public Engagement.

As a Sophomore, my screenplay was read on stage at the Dorothy Hirshon Film Festival, 2013.

For the past 6 years my works have been exhibited at the Leslie Lohman Museum in a collaborated show.


I am a long time survivor, during the 80's NYC AIDS crisis, I helped raise money, distribute food, promote dances and protest outside hospitals.

During the 90's we stood outside Miami Dade County Hall surrounded by hundreds of bible belt migrant workers. There were 7 of us there, we won by one vote. Dade county gave the LGBT community rights.

Having lost so many people that I truly love, has made me see through the beauty before and the horrors that surround us.

I am dazed by the colors and their complexity, and the subtle, simple weave of nature and man.