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Alex Sparrowhawk


Alex Sparrowhawk was born in South East England and grew up with his parents and younger sister. In 2003 he moved to Lancaster to study Philosophy, becoming involved in the university's LGBT and Feminist societies. Following graduation he moved to Manchester where three years later he was diagnosed HIV positive. In November 2012 on the third anniversary of his diagnosis he made the decision to publically talk about living with the virus and has often said it was the most empowering experience of his life to date. Alex has a clear commitment in wanting to break down the stigma associated with HIV. He has described art an escape mechanism, something fun and creative that's different to his daily routine and office job. Alex is a firm believer that activism is emotional as well as political, as a regular blogger Alex has stated his pieces allow him to express attitudes that can't always put into words.


I live openly with my HIV status in order to attempt to break down the stigma and ignorance that still exists in today's society. I believe that it is only by being visible that we will bring an end to the fight against the virus. My art and photography are another means of reaching out to people and expressing my life with HIV, the ups and the downs, the strengths and the struggles. At the same time they allow me to relax and reflect, I find the process is a form of healing distraction to the stress and worries of 21st Century living.