AnGelho D


Angelho Diaz was born in Havana (1966) and became a child prodigy. From a lawyer/musical artist father, and a child pedagogy, his family of 4 was all about knowledge, music and culture. He began his musical trip when his father showed - to his sister and him - how to play guitar and percussion, sing making duos and trios, and compose song. At the same time he joined the Studio Theater Group (directed by famous Cuban actress Raquel Revueltas) receiving classes of painting, acting, vocal ensemble, instrumental groups, and others. He even participated in theatrical plays like "Galileo Galilei" and "Don Quijote”, and appeared in TV juvenile dramas. Other future starts sharing stage with Angelho at that time were: Beatriz Valdes, singer Gema Corredera, classical dancer Juan Falcon, and choral folclor cuban specialist Jesus More, salsa star/actress Aymee Nuviola, and others.

Shortly after, he participated in musical technical classes at Manuel Saumell Conservatory of Music with his Bachelor's degree and graduated as a teacher/pianist 11 years after from Amadeo Roldan School of Music, in Havana, Cuba. During those years he entered in multiple piano competitions, wining prizes and recognitions, one of them resulting in an invitation to continue studies at Moscow Conservatory, from a cuban famous concert player Jorge Luis Prats. He joined 2 Russian pedagogical classes: Mixail L. Miechlumov & Winner of 1969 Long-Thibaud Competition and Liubov Timofeeva. After 5 years of studies, and having taken part in German "J.S.BAch International Competition" (1988) he returned to Havana, starting a competent professional career as a pianist. Either performing with bands - Manguare, Mayohuacan, Sergio Vitier & Oro Band, others) in international tours through Africa, South Americ, or accompanying international singers as Omara Portuondo, Juana Bacallao, Lucho Gatica, others, also offering recitals and concerts - as a solo artist - or traveling to Ecuadorian Republic, as a cultural adviser, Angelho Diaz developed his musical fame, step by step.