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Anthony Sinclair


Hello My Name Is Anthony Sinclair. I am 29 Years Old, I am From Central Islip New York, Currently living in Flatbush Brooklyn N.Y. I have one Brother, I am Part St.lucian, Cherokee Indian, and Southern African American, I was raised By Mother and Step-Father, Life growing up In Long Island, was very Accepting To me as a Openly Gay, Black Man, The Majority Of The Community was very Mixed and Diverse, So Coming Out To My Parents and To the world was easy. Moving to New York however was very different, I Learned That Not Everyone Will accept You For Just being Yourself. I am a Singer, I have been singing since I was three years old, I was in my High School Concert Choir, from Freshman Year of high school to my Senior year, And was Chosen to sing the Star Spangled Banner for Graduation. I Love Exercising, Rollerblading, Bike Rides, Running of the Treadmill, Jump rope, I enjoy Cooking Italian Food, Southern Food, Fish, Ect. and Love to Bake Cakes.


Hey I am Anthony, And I am a Unique type of artist, My Drawings usually come out cartoon like, To me I think that's very unique, I also Love to Paint, Sketch, and Trace, I am More of a Visual Artist, I look at a picture and Try to draw it exactly how I see it, but it mostly comes out Like Cartoon Characters. Which is Unique in it's own way. I have many skills including Singing, Rollerblading, Cooking, Makeup, and Hair