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Bj Broekhuizen


BJ BROEKHUIZEN (b.1979,Cape Town, South Africa)has exhibited in London and South Africa. Past exhibitions include "Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery and The New Artist Fair. BJ’s desire to explore the intersection of art and science has seen him develop highly individual drawings and paintings. As long as he can remember he was enthralled by the random beauty found within the minutest natural forms. His workplace is more like a laboratory than a traditional studio: piles of medical books and magazines, patient’s scans and x-rays compete with his own artwork for space. Indeed – scientific programs medical journals, reports and scans are the genesis of his vision. BJ is inspired more by Natural Scientist than traditional art magazines. Shades and pigments of the body exploding off canvasses. Capturing and enthralling the mind through their compositions of the lights within cells. Bj lives and work in London since 2001