Cock au mon2

Mon Skina


Though graduate of an Arts Faculty in the Netherlands, the art I was educated in there was installation and video. Those were the days (early 90s) when, according to the teachers, other forms of art were dead and if one wants to make money, one must put animals in formaldehyde tanks. They were right.
After years of "challenging the notions by juxtaposing bla bla" (quote from a zine about my first works) I was done being unhappy (and making some money). The tipping point was brought by a physical condition that reduced my range of movement. It's not a pc way of saying I'm in a wheelchair, I'm not and I'm NOT a pc man!

The Outsider element started when I took to self teaching to draw, paint, sculpt. My passion and patience for observation, my brain that doesn't need pot to get high because it is already mixing a strange cocktail of ideas, brought me where I am.

I try hard to keep myself in a leash because I have a minimal side to myself, a Zen one if you prefer. I'm not spoiled and I work for myself, my pleasure, my learning and growth. Even self-censoring is part of that.